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Our goal is to offer a student housing experience that includes absolutely every cost into our price.

This page is to help students and parents get a better understanding of the monthly living expenses associated to living in a regular rental apartment versus Chelsea House.

The base rent price for an apartment can often be misleading when it comes to planning your total monthly living budget. There are many other expenses that students often forget to budget for, which leads to unpleasant surprises at the end of the month.

This is why Chelsea House is an all-inclusive model, that includes absolutely everything except your food. This gives you and your parents an easy to budget figure, that won’t have any surprises.

Think getting an apartment is cheaper than staying at Chelsea House? It’s actually more expensive.

The first and biggest cost that is not factored is the apartment setup cost.

– Bedroom furniture
– Bedding
– Living room furniture
– Kitchen equipment and supplies (pots, pans, cutlery, coffee machine, blender, etc)

For each scenario we have amortized this setup cost over a 1 year, 2 year and even a 3 year stay (so dividing the cost of your one-time purchases, kitchen equipment, and furniture over that period of time). Chelsea House is still less expensive.

Its also really important to remember that furnished ≠ equipped. If you’re planning to get a furnished apartment, make sure you still budget for one-time purchases and kitchen equipment. These things are never included in regular furnished apartment rentals.

Below you will find what each category includes with the calculation to arrive You can click each category in the section below to see a list of what we include and our shopping carts. We chose the most budget friendly options in each category.

Chelsea House is a premium all-inclusive student offer, that accounts for everything you need for a worry-free move to Montreal, as well as services and amenities tailored to getting the best experience possible. It’s more than just student living — it’s an entire student experience.


As of March 2024, the median cost of renting an unfurnished apartment in Montréal, Quebec is $1,900. With this amount, you will be getting a bare unit, which means that you still have to furnish it. Also, this rent amount does not include utility bills.

Source: Zumper


For monthly consumables, we included the usual items for personal hygiene and cleaning. 

  • Laundry Detergent ($9.97)
  • Bleach ($3.18)
  • Dish soap ($2.84)
  • Hand soap ($2.26)
  • Garbage bags ($4.29)
  • Tissues ($2.26)
  • Sponges ($5.14)
  • Toilet Paper ($10.61)
  • Light bulbs ($1.43)
  • Vim ($5.14)
  • Lysol wipes ($6.86)
  • Floor cleaner ($4.91)
  • Windex ($5.14)
  • Swifter dusters ($4.29)

We estimated monthly consumables to be at $71.73. That’s $860.76 every year! 

Rent amount does not usually include utility bills.

Here is the conservative cost that these services would cost you every month: 

  • In-building laundry (Coinamatic wash 3$ dry 3$, for a total of $6/load) = $68.97
  • Wifi Internet (need a high enough speed to do Zoom classes and exams) = $80.45
  • Electricity, Heating, Hot Water = $80.47


TOTAL: $229.89 / month

Under this category, we included all the smaller items you’ll need to purchase and hopefully it lasts for a while.

These items include:

Bedroom Setup

  • Set of Bed Sheets ($80.43)
  • Set of Bathroom Towels ($57.44)
  • Mattress Cover ($34.45)
  • Duvet ($74.68)
  • Duvet Cover (60.89)
  • Pillow set ($34.42)
  • Printer for school work ($80.44)
  • Hangers ($16.06)
  • Laundry hamper ($22.96)
  • Desk lamp ($40.20)

Bathroom Setup

  • Bath Mat ($19.51)
  • Bathroom trash can ($43.53)
  • Plunger ($9.16)
  • Toothbrush holder ($12.61)
  • Toilet brush ($8.01)
  • Soap dispensers ($22.92)

Kitchen & Living Room Setup

  • Mop & bucket ($40.20)
  • Broom ($14.91)
  • Kitchen towels ($8.02)
  • Vacuum ($137.92)
  • Iron ($22.97)
  • Ironing board ($20.48)
  • Bluetooth speaker ($90.80)
  • Winter entrance mat for boots ($15.48)
  • Shoe rack ($52.48)
  • Boot tray ($7.91)
  • Fire extinguishers ($65.41)
  • Kitchen trash bin ($59.71)
  • Recycling bin ($8.51)


TOTAL: $1,162.86

Nobody wants to live in an unfurnished apartment. Furnishing an apartment can cost a lot, and also take up so much time and energy to setup (delivery, moving truck rental, installation & assembly, etc).

Even though at Chelsea House we have commercial grade furniture of higher quality, we want to compare ourselves with the lowest priced items you would be able to find in Montreal on your own: 

Bedroom Furniture
  • Double Mattress ($320.71)
  • Bedframe ($320.71)
  • Nightstand ($18.38)
  • Storage Unit ($217.26)
  • Wardrobe Closet ($574.75)
  • Study Desk ($63.21)
  • Study Desk Chair ($79.32)

Living Room Furniture

  • Sofa ($573.60)
  • Armchair ($297.72)
  • Coffee table ($51.72)
  • Curtains ($41.36)
  • Bar stools ($327.61)
  • Area Rug ($205.76)
  • Throw pillows ($11.47)
  • TV ($503.48)
  • TV Rack ($251.74)

TOTAL: $3,858.79 

This total amount does not include delivery fees and/or manpower labour cost if you need to get your furniture assembled.

While eating out seems like the most convenient thing to do, it is not sustainable in the long run. This is why you definitely need to buy kitchen equipment for your new place.


Our kitchen equipment list brings you to a total of $1,096.13. Click the link below if you want to see the complete list.


  • Community Events and activities 🔥 The CH Community team puts on legendary community events 💃 that help you break the ice with other members, make friends and integrate you into Montreal fast 💪Our management team plans legendary community events helping you make friends and integrate into the city quicker.

  • Personalized Roommate Matching 🤝 We are known for this! Many of our past members have made best friends for life thanks to our roommate matching 🙂 Our roommate matching process is a highly personalised process meant to match you with people based off your personality and interests. We take time to videocall with each one of our members and parents. We’ve been very successful at matching roommates – most of our members have told us that the majority of their Montreal friends are the people that they met at Chelsea House.

  • Member’s Lounge 🎱🍻 Our infamous members lounge is outfitted with a pool table, ping pong table, bistro seating, sofas, massive wall-mounted TVs and our self-serve bar setup with ice machine, speed rail and fridges. This is the best way to interact with the other Chelsea members, hang out and study in a motivating setting.

  • Stress Free Arrival 🧘‍♀️ – No Crazy IKEA shopping needed. In September, it is peak Back-to-School season. This means crazy lineups at most student friendly stores (Walmart, IKEA, etc). Not only is it stressful, expensive, it’s also 100x more difficult to setup your apartment if you don’t have a car.

  • No Furniture Assembly Needed 👷‍♀️🔨. Now that you’ve braved the Ikea chaos – don’t forget the most fun part of assembling all that furniture. We’re guessing you forgot to pack your screwdriver and drill. The average PAX wardrobe unit takes 6 hours to assemble. Let’s not forget in an apartment you’ll need to get at least 8 pieces of furniture. Save yourself the hassle, we’ve made it easy for you.

  • On-Call Maintenance Team ✅ A light went out or your toilet needs repair? We will make sure your service request is addressed promptly. If you’re renting a student apartment on your own, you’ll have to miss class and be present when the maintenance people show up with their wide arrival times of between 9am and 5pm…
    Sure, you may think Chelsea is a bit expensive, but this peace of mind is invaluable.


  • Flexible Move-in/Move-out Dates 📑 Need a couple extra weeks to finish your exams? Or a couple early weeks to enjoy Frosh activities? Our flexible leasing options enable you to add up to 2 weeks before/after your lease start/end dates.