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Chelsea House is a private residential community for students, located steps away from Concordia University and McGill University. It provides its members with all the necessities for a worry-free move to Montreal. as Amenities tailored to their needs and interests in a secure environment.

It’s more than just student living — it’s an entire student experience.

Chelsea House is located at 1839 Lincoln Ave. Montreal, Canada.

Chelsea House pulls its name from the iconic Chelsea neighborhood of London, which is quite like our Golden Square Mile location.

Built-in 1908, our historic building holds a strong English influence in its Victorian architecture and detailed interior moldings preserved through the redevelopment.

As Canada is part of the United Kingdom’s Commonwealth, the “Chelsea” name choice is a logical choice given all these elements. As for “house,” we aim to stay approachable and authentic in our product. We don’t want to be seen as strict parents but rather as like-minded older siblings who will guide you and share our home with you. For all these reasons, we felt the use of the house was much more appropriate than “residence” or “hotel.

“To co-live means to live together and share primary resources. there may be uncertainty around what the word “co” stands for, though it appears in communal, collaborative, community, connected—you name it. the fact is the “co” stands for at least more than one person. “living” is self-explanatory.” -Gui Perdrix, Author of Art of Co-living

“Co-living is communal living rebranded.” —Irene Pereyra, Founder, Anton & Irene

“Coliving means living in community with the mindset of preferring to share rather than to get.” — Gianpablo, Founder, Eco-spaces

“Coliving is shared housing supporting a purpose-driven life, valuing openness and collaboration.” — Christine McDannell, Founder, Kindred Quarters

We have a total of 27 apartments.

Nine (9) 4-bedroom units
Seventeen (17) 3-bedroom units
One (1) 2-bedroom units

In total, we can accommodate 89 members!

Our members live in spacious three to four-bedroom shared apartments. Each member has a private bedroom while sharing a living room, bathroom, and kitchen with two or three other members.

A fully-furnished, decorated and set up apartment with toiletries, amenities, and appliances included (Samsung TV, integrated Apple TV, a coffee machine, and high-speed internet).

All our units are fully decorated according to the apartment’s design theme and include the following:

  • Double bed
  • Study desk
  • Storage (dresser and nightstand)

Upon joining our private residential community for students, you’ll have access to our in-house yoga & fitness studio, member’s lounge, and rooftop terrace, as well as other fun perks.

Members’ lounge

We have a fully equipped lounge with a wet bar, large flat-screen TV, and game tables to use members. This area has been designed for parties, events, or large get-togethers.

Rooftop terrace

(Under construction)

At the top of Chelsea, our rooftop terrace is perfect for relaxing and taking in the gorgeous views of Montreal.

Gym/yoga studio

Our multi-functional fitness space is equipped with everything you need to stay fit and take care of yourself, including fully equipped weightlifting and cardio equipment.

For the peace of mind of all our members, the entire building is secured with keyless access control. From the building entrances to your bedroom door – you always have total control of your security.

The building is also protected and monitored by a 24/7 security camera system and concierge staff during business hours.

Chelsea House will respect any rules or regulations put in place by the government and the countries where members are coming from – that means that students will have to quarantine for two weeks upon arrival and, depending on where they are coming from, they will have to take a COVID test before taking the plane. Moreover, masks will be worn in shared spaces. It is important to note that the current situation is constantly evolving, and rules could change as the pandemic does. Rest assured our members’ safety is our top priority!

We promote positivity and encourage real-life connections between our members.

After filling out our form, someone from the community team will give you a call. To make sure all your questions are answered and they will take the time to ask you some as well!!

Also, by interviewing all applying candidates and sending a homemade questionnaire, we will match members based on their personalities and interests.

Why do we do this? To make sure that get to really know you and to ensure we form a like-minded community that shares our values and our mission, which is to offer the best university experience in Montreal.

We will match you with other members according to your lifestyle, habits, and interests by sending you a personality questionnaire. We might have your future best friends hiding somewhere!

Once you become a member, we proceed with the roommate-matching process. Our goal is to share the unit with the best roommates who fit your personality and preference. However, on the rare occasion that one of our members encounters this situation, we can help.

Chelsea House is a community before a residence, and we believe in authenticity and honesty. If one of our members is faced with this situation, our General Manager will be available to discuss the matter and find a solution.

Your friend is more than welcome as your guest; however, it is important that our general manager approves of the stay or the visit.

Guests are the member’s responsibility.

Please note that guests are only allowed in certain areas (lounge and rooftop); however, the gym is exclusive to members.

Chelsea House (1839 Lincoln Avenue) is within walking distance from Concordia (3 min) & McGill University (15 min).

If you are attending Université de Montréal, no worries!
We are located right next to the Guy Concordia metro station and multiple main bus lines, such as the 165 and 24.

We also have Bixis, a public bicycle transportation system and Uber is also available in Montreal.

Great! Fill out the form linked below and someone from our team will give you a call.

We accept payments via credit card and pre-authorized bank transfers.

No problem. Send us a quick email ( or give us a call at 514-742-7440. We are happy to help!


Unlike traditional student residences or apartments, becoming a Chelsea House member means being a part of an exclusive community with 89 other like-minded members from the moment you arrive in Montreal.

A fully inclusive turn-key premium student accommodation with member services – no setup nor hassle.

Plus many activities and events organized by our Community Team – no awkward first days in a big city.